Injured In A Lawton Area Pedestrian Accident?

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Lawton is a great city to get around on foot, and motorists are responsible for sharing the road. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are far too common here. A poor decision by a negligent driver could have massive consequences for your health and your future.

Hoover Rogers Law, LLP holds negligent people responsible for their recklessness. If you were injured while out for a walk, jog, run, or otherwise on foot, you deserve compensation for your pain, medical expenses, and other losses. Contact Hoover Rogers Law to schedule a free injury case evaluation right now to learn more about your legal options.

Lawton pedestrian accident laws and hotspots

Lawton has specific laws about when, where, and how someone can be on the roadway. The city also bars roller skaters from using the roadway. In Lawton, you can’t wear headphones while jogging on the street.

Some parts of the region are more dangerous to people on foot or bicycle than others. Pedestrian and cyclist crash hotspots include:

  • SW 38th Street, Lawton
  • SW Lee Boulevard, Lawton
  • US- 183, N Mountain Park
  • Hazel Street, Altus
  • OK-53, Comanche County by Waurika Lake

It is important to hire an attorney who understands local rules, regulations, and culture to get the most out of your claim. We know Lawton, we know the law, and we are well-prepared to get real results for injured pedestrians.

Negligence kills, especially when pedestrians are the victim

Whether a pedestrian accident is fatal or causes a serious injury often depends on how fast the vehicle is moving at the time of impact.

Speed is a major factor in pedestrian crash severity. If you are on foot when you get hit by a car, your chances of dying increase significantly with every 10 miles per hour. It’s no wonder that the vast majority of Oklahoma pedestrian crashes take place on roadways with speed limits of 40 mph or higher.

Speeding isn’t the only factor, however. Distracted drivers are especially dangerous to pedestrians, as it’s quite easy for them to overlook the smaller frame of a person on foot compared to a car. Drunk and impaired drivers also cause many pedestrian deaths. Driving at night, too, is a key risk factor, since the first thing to go in low-light conditions is peripheral vision and pedestrians enter from the side of the roadway.

Get a Lawton pedestrian accident attorney on your side

The stakes are high in pedestrian accidents. The injuries sustained are often severe and life-altering. The insurance companies know this, which is why they fight so hard to reduce or deny claims. To them, you’re just another statistic. You need someone on your side who sees you as a person in need of justice.

If you were injured in an accident, call us now for a free case evaluation. Our attorneys can explain, in plain English, how the law applies in your specific situation, the value of your claim, and your legal options. We represent injured pedestrians on contingency, which means we only get paid if we win. Our fee is a percentage of your recovery, so you don’t owe us a penny out of pocket.

Don’t wait to contact us. The clock is already ticking down on the statute of limitations to file a lawsuit. Call, email, or chat online with us to schedule your consultation with a Lawton pedestrian accident lawyer.

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