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What Are the Most Dangerous Intersections in Wichita Falls, TX?

Car accidents can happen anywhere, but some locations see more accidents than others. For example, in Wichita Falls, the city’s police department recently identified local intersections that are crash hotspots. Located on Southwest Parkway and Kell Boulevard, Wichita Falls Police (WFPD) say seven intersections are known for serious wrecks. These accidents are usually caused by...

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Is Reckless Driving the "New Normal" in 2022?

Speeding continues to wreak havoc on our nation’s roads. Car accident fatalities that involve speeding increased dramatically nationwide in the past two years, despite fewer drivers on the road due to the pandemic, according to a recent study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). And it’s not just nationwide. In many states...

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Texas Leads National Surge in Fatal Crashes

Texas is leading a national surge in fatal car accidents, according to new data. The state reported almost 4,500 people died last year in traffic accidents, and Texas hasn't experienced that many roadway deaths since 1981. That is 12 deaths per day due to Texas wrecks. Nationwide, Texas crashes accounted for about 10 percent of...

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Share the Road: It's Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Motorcycle accidents happen far more often than people might realize. That’s why road safety experts in Texas and across the country have designated May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. The goal of this educational campaign is to make motorcyclists and drivers aware of the dangers motorcyclists face and offer tips on how to prevent motorcycle...

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Wichita Falls Clears Path for Downtown E-Scooters

Wichita Falls Electronic Scooter Accident Attorneys Discuss the City's New Bylaw Wichita Falls is about to get in on an urban transportation trend that can be fun and affordable. This option, however, has its risks too. The brunt of those risks is often felt by e-scooter accident victims, such as pedestrians, cyclists, and the scooter...

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Car Accident Trends, Facts & Statistics for 2022

Our car accident lawyers explain what drivers need to know What are the latest trends in car accidents? Are there more accidents each year? Who’s causing them? How old are the drivers? Who are the victims? These are just some of the questions road safety researchers recently analyzed as part of a comprehensive analysis conducted...

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