How much can I get from a car accident settlement in Texas?

Our Wichita Falls car accident attorneys demand maximum compensation

It’s scary to think about, but after a bad car accident, your future health and financial stability depend on the size of your settlement. If you settle for less than your claim is worth, the money could easily run out long before you are healed.

Car accident settlements are supposed to pay for past and future crash-related medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and so much more. Agreeing to a too-small settlement means paying for many of these things out of your own pocket.

Hoover Rogers Law, LLP takes on the insurance company while you focus on healing. We always negotiate for maximum compensation. Our Wichita Falls car accident lawyers would rather invest more time and personal resources into your case than accept a lowball settlement offer on your behalf.

If you were injured in a car accident, you probably have a lot of questions. The following information explains car accident settlement compensation – what it is, what it's for, and how to get a bigger settlement. This is general information and may not apply to your specific situation. To get answers to questions about the crash you were in, contact Hoover Rogers Law for a free injury case consultation.

What is a car accident settlement?

A car accident settlement is the compensation awarded to close out an insurance claim after a car accident. Typically, the settlement comes from the at-fault driver’s insurance provider, although occasionally other parties can be liable for an accident as well. By accepting a settlement, you are saying that you will not start or further pursue legal action for crash-related injury compensation.

In other words, once you accept a settlement, your case is closed, and you can’t go back for more. That’s why you must get settlement negotiations right the first time. Our Wichita Falls car accident lawyers aggressively pursue maximum compensation for our clients.

What does a car accident settlement cover?

A settlement is intended to compensate you for your accident-related damages. There are two types of damages: economic and noneconomic. Economic damages are for objective expenses like medical treatment, replacement services, vehicle repairs, lost wages, and diminished future earning potential. Non-economic damages are for losses with subjective value like pain, emotional agony, decreased enjoyment of life, or disfigurement. Our law firm can negotiate with the insurance company for a larger settlement that is tailored to your needs.

Can I get a settlement if I was partially at fault in the car accident?

Often, yes. Even if you made a mistake that contributed to the crash, if the other driver is more at-fault than you, you may still get a settlement. However, fault will reduce the size of your settlement.

Texas has a standard for accident compensation called “modified comparative negligence” with a 51 percent bar rule. Comparative negligence divides accident fault among all those involved. Compensation is then reduced by your percentage contribution to the accident. So, for example, if an accident victim is found to be 20 percent at fault in an accident, their damages would be reduced by 20 percent. An injured person generally cannot recover compensation at all if they are 51 percent or more at fault for an accident.

Insurance companies know that the more blame you take for causing an accident, the less they must pay. Hoover Rogers Law can protect your interests and maximize your compensation.

How much should I get for my car accident settlement?

Each accident is unique. That makes it difficult to come up with an estimate for an average car accident settlement. However, we can say that insurance companies frequently settle crash claims for tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Texas requires drivers to purchase a minimum policy of $30,000 bodily injury per person, per crash; up to $60,000 per crash; and $25,000 to cover property damage. To protect your assets and health, drivers are encouraged to buy more than the minimum.

How do you get the most out of a car accident insurance claim?

To get more, consult with a lawyer. Insurance industry data shows that people who consult lawyers collect significantly more compensation than those who do not. This is true even after the lawyer’s fee is considered. This is because an experienced Wichita Falls car accident lawyer understands how the system works.

At Hoover Rogers Law, we’ve gone up against many of the insurance companies you may be facing and come out on top. We present the type of evidence the insurance companies cannot ignore. Our compensation calculations place the highest value on your health and comfort today and in the future.

How long will it take for me to get a car accident settlement?

It depends on the situation. Some cases can settle within a few months of the date of the accident. In other cases, particularly if your medical treatment is complex or the insurance company decides to be particularly difficult, negotiations may take many months or even years. Our job is to advocate for your interests throughout the process, no matter how long it takes.

Can I still get a settlement if my claim was denied?

In many cases, yes. Insurance adjusters often reject legitimate claims filed by seriously injured car accident victims. If your claim was rejected, do not give up. Contact Hoover Rogers Law for a free case consultation. Bring the rejection. At no cost to you and at no obligation to hire us, a member of our legal team can review it, explain what happened, and help weigh your compensation options.

What if the other driver is uninsured or doesn’t have enough insurance to compensate my damages?

In this situation, you would most likely file a claim with your own insurance provider under your uninsured or underinsured motorist policy (UM or UIM), if you have it. You also have the option to file a civil lawsuit against the at-fault driver, but this is rarely effective. Typically, people who drive without insurance do not have many assets. There also may be a third party liable for your injuries. Our car accident attorneys can identify all parties liable in your crash and fight to hold them accountable.

Never accept a lowball settlement

At Hoover Rogers Law, we don’t accept lowball settlement offers. We set the terms for the full settlement you deserve, Our Wichita Falls car accident lawyers build strong, evidence-based cases that give us the authority to demand maximum results for our clients.

We don’t back down, we dig in. If you were injured or a loved one died in a Wichita Falls or Texoma area car accident, contact Hoover Rogers Law to schedule a free case consultation. We can explain how the law applies to you and review strategies for a substantial settlement.

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by consulting Hoover Rogers Law. Do not delay in reaching out. A statute of limitations applies to Texas insurance claims and car accident lawsuits. A member of our team is always available to hear from you. Contact us to schedule your free case consultation today.

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