Rear-End Crash? Demand Maximum Compensation.

You’ve got one shot, so make it count

Rear end car accidents are among the most common types of roadway wrecks in our Wichita Falls and Lawton community and throughout the U.S.

It’s unnerving to think that it doesn’t matter how careful of a driver you are; there is very little you can do to avoid a rear-end crash.

In a rear-end accident, it may seem obvious that the driver in the back is at fault, but don’t count on this being a simple case. The insurance industry makes billions of dollars in profit every year by shortchanging and rejecting serious injury claims. When they have trouble with the insurance companies, many accident victims turn to Hoover Rogers Law, LLP to help get them the money they deserve.

Hoover Rogers Law offers free case evaluations to people injured due to the negligence of others. If you were injured in a car accident, contact us now to schedule your no-obligation evaluation.

Common causes of rear end accidents

Dozens of serious accidents happen every day. They are often caused by someone else’s negligence in scenarios such as:

  • Getting hit while stopped at a red light or stop sign
  • Following too close (tailgating)
  • Brake failure, poor vehicle maintenance
  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Driving too fast for weather conditions (icy or wet pavement, etc.)

Maybe you were stopped at a light in downtown Wichita Falls at 8th Street and Scott (US-287) when a distracted driver plowed into your back end.

Or perhaps you made a sudden stop to avoid hitting a pedestrian on Midwestern Parkway past MSU and the driver tailgating you hit your bumper at full speed.

You could have been on I-44 by the Red River heading to the casinos when the brakes on a semi-truck failed and you were rammed by a fully-loaded 18-wheeler.

Whatever the scenario, you are almost certainly going to need to prove the extent of your injuries to an insurance adjuster to get compensation for your accident.

Rear end accident injuries

Rear end accidents can cause a variety of injuries, but some are more commonly associated with this type of crash than others. Among the more frequent types of damage caused in a hit from behind crash are:

  • Whiplash
  • Lacerations
  • Head and brain injuries (traumatic brain injuries aka TBIs)
  • Fractured or broken bones like ribs, clavicle, ulna, radius, wrist, pelvis, spine
  • Constant side, back, or neck pain
  • Torn muscles or tendons
  • Bruises, swelling, or nerve damage
  • Internal injuries

After a bad accident, it is important to seek medical treatment. At the scene of the crash, it is always a good idea to get checked out by medical first responders — but you then need to follow up with your doctor as soon as possible, even if you feel “okay.” Serious injuries sometimes take hours or days for a person to notice an injury that a trained professional could spot sooner. Whiplash is among the injuries best known for taking days to appear. Immediate medical intervention not only protects your health, but also your legal rights.

Focus on healing – we’ll handle the rest

The car accident attorneys at Hoover Rogers Law level the playing field for the injured people of Texoma.

We don’t expect our clients to know how to conduct a crash investigation, apply liability law to the situation, and run high-stake insurance policy negotiations. While you heal, we handle the rest.

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a serious car accident, contact Hoover Rogers Law to schedule a free injury case evaluation. A member of our legal team can explain how the law applies to your situation, the true value of your claim, and your legal options. We represent accident victims on contingency, which means that our fee is paid out of your recovery, not your pocket. If we don’t win, we don’t get paid.

Take control of your situation. Call, email, or chat online with us now and schedule your free evaluation with an experienced car accident lawyer today.

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