Were You Bitten by a Dog in Wichita Falls?

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Wichita Falls is a great place for pet owners, especially people who love dogs. There are many parks, trails, and other places to get your pet some exercise and socialize.

However, occasionally a negligent owner will not provide adequate oversight of their vicious or unpredictable dog. Dog attacks can cause serious injuries and disfigurement, and sometimes fatal injury – especially if the victim is a child.

Hoover Rogers Law, LLP holds negligent people responsible for the damage they cause. If you or a loved one were recently injured by a dog attack, you need legal representation now. People at-fault in dog-bite cases often have a strong motivation to put the blame on anyone but themselves, and insurance companies fight hard to reduce or deny claims.

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The “one bite rule” is in effect in Texas

Texas is what’s often called a “one free bite” state for dog attacks. That means, in general, the owner of a dog is liable if the dog previously bit a person or acted as though it would (for instance, by snapping at someone) and the owner was aware of this previous conduct.

There are other potential grounds for a dog bite claim under some circumstances. If the dog owner was negligent in their handling of the animal, that could be grounds for a dog bite lawsuit. In addition, dog owners and handlers can be held responsible if they violate a local animal control law.

Wichita Falls dog and animal codes

Wichita Falls has its own pet and animal bylaws that add to Texas’ regulations. In Wichita Falls, pet owners are required to:

  • Restrain their animals to prevent bites
  • Obtain a “vicious dog” license for animals that are known to bite or be aggressive

In addition, Wichita Falls requires pet owners to stop their pets from being a nuisance. In Wichita Falls, an animal, including cats, dogs, and fowl, can be a nuisance if they:

  • Chase or attack passersby, passing vehicles, other animals
  • Trespass on school grounds
  • Repeatedly at-large, or unrestrained (three or more times in a 12-month period)
  • Damage to public or private property
  • Barks, whines, howls, crows, or makes other excessive, continuous, or untimely noises
  • Unconfined “in season,” that is, able to impregnate or be impregnated by a mate
  • Vicious and unconfined
  • Produces fecal matter, garbage, or other organic waste that is improperly disposed of so that it may be a potential instrument for disease transmission
  • Living conditions become a breeding ground for flies or harbors rats
  • Soiling, defiling, urinating, or defecating on private property other than the owner’s
  • Damaging or defiling public property

Dogs are generally not considered vicious if they are provoked or tormented before the attack.

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