Negligent Security and Premises Liability

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If you are assaulted, it’s usually clear that the person who hurt you is to blame for your pain and losses, but sometimes there are other people liable, too.

Texas and Oklahoma have standards for “negligent security” injuries. These damages are awarded when a property owner or operator fails to protect people on the premises from a known and substantial risk of injury by a third-party.

So, for example, someone injured by an intruder who entered a building by way of a broken door, would likely have a strong negligent security case.

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Negligent security standards

Proving negligent security can be complicated. Oftentimes people reckless enough to put others in unsafe situations are not eager to take responsibility for their actions.

In general, there are five things that may need to be proven in a successful negligent security case:

  • Actual knowledge of the issue. The owner or operator of the premises knew about the security risk that led to your injury.
  • Constructive knowledge. Not knowing about potential risks on a property does not excuse liability. In Texas, courts have ruled that a property owner or operator can be held liable for injuries caused by risks they should have known about if they were doing proper care and maintenance.
  • Unreasonable risk. There was an unreasonable level of danger on the property.
  • “Reasonable” care was not taken to prevent or reduce risk of harm.
  • Proximate cause. You must prove that negligence was a significant contributor to your injuries.

Our attorneys conduct thorough investigations that get to the truth and turn up important evidence to support your claim.

Texas and Oklahoma liability laws

Texas and Oklahoma have different liability laws that may apply to your situation. Some of the finer points of negligent security law include:

Texas — When considering whether a criminal act is foreseeable, Texas judges are asked to consider whether any criminal conduct previously occurred on or near the property, how recently these events happened, how often they occur, how similar the conduct was to the conduct in the case, and the probability the owner knew or should have known about them.

Oklahoma — The state doesn’t have a specific third-party premises liability law, but State Supreme Court rulings have carved out some standards. In Oklahoma, third-party premises liability claims focus on whether the property owner or operator knew of or at least should have known of the risk. The state provides exceptions for landowners who allow people to use their property for recreational activities like hunting and hiking as well as ranch and farm owners.

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