Were You Bitten or Attacked by a Dog?

We fight for full compensation for dog bite victims

Dog bites can be vicious, injury-causing attacks that leave a person scarred inside and out.

This type of damage almost always comes out of the blue, while your guard is down. Depending on the size of the dog and its victim, the injuries can be critical — even fatal.

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Dog bites can cause life-altering injuries

While a bite from a large dog can obviously cause more damage, even a bite from a small dog can have significant consequences. There’s always a high risk of infection – 50% of all dog bites introduce bacteria into the body. A dog’s teeth can tear skin and leave wounds with ragged edges, sometimes requiring painful skin grafts or reconstructive surgery. There may be permanent scarring or disfigurement.

In addition to the physical damage, being attacked by a dog is a highly traumatic experience that can have long-term consequences for the victim’s mental health. If you or your child was attacked by a dog, you deserve compensation for all those losses – medical expenses, future medical treatment, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and more. We can help.

Texas and Oklahoma dog bite laws

Dog bites are similar to other personal injury claims in many respects, but with some special rules and regulations. Texas and Oklahoma have distinct laws when it comes to liability and dog bites.

Texas follows what’s commonly known as the “one bite” rule. In general, if a dog bites you in Texas, the owner is liable if they knew or should have known there was a risk the dog might bite someone. If the dog had bitten someone before, that certainly counts, but that is not the only evidence. A court might consider a history of other aggressive behavior (such as growling or snapping at people), or the owner’s own statements or social media history to satisfy the legal requirements. Or, if the dog was abnormally dangerous for its class, then the owner is strictly liable when it attacks someone.

In Oklahoma, the standard is “strict liability” for dog bites. In general, if a dog bites someone, the owner is responsible for the damage.  However, the owner may not be responsible for damages if the victim was trespassing or provoking the animal.

We navigate dog bite claims with discretion

In many situations, victims know the owner of the dog that bit them – they’re a friend, family member, or neighbor. This means getting money for your injuries can be difficult. Often, pet owners are worried their animals may be considered “dangerous” and taken away. Victims may fear that seeking compensation will put a strain on their relationships.

If the owner of the dog who bites you has homeowners insurance, it’s unlikely they will personally have to pay you anything. Their insurance policies should cover your damages. Even if you have to file a lawsuit, you’re not trying to take your friend’s money; you’re trying to get their insurance company to pay out the coverage that your friend has already paid premiums for.

Contact Hoover Rogers Law, LLP to take care of the claims process for you. While you heal, we can handle the situation directly with the at-fault person’s insurance company and their lawyers.

Get an experienced dog bite attorney on your side

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